Managing your Bill of Materials

Kaizen has long-standing relationships with global component suppliers and is experienced in all aspects of supply chain and materials management.

Fundamental to an efficient and quality-driven manufacturing run is the on-time delivery of the correct components to the shop floor.

Our preproduction team ensures surface mount parts arrive on our shop floor “machine ready” with appropriate levels of attrition and \ or lead-in. Through-hole parts are preformed to the correct footprint.

Should you wish to free issue parts then we can integrate those into your kits, we will ensure parts are baked if required and vacuum sealed in the drop quantities you’ve requested.

We are happy to work with your free issue kit, equally, we’d be delighted to procure on your behalf.  Take advantage of our vast purchasing experience and bulk purchasing.

Unless specifically discussed with a customer we never buy any component from the grey market, our rigorous vendor qualification process ensures we procure only quality components.

Let us take the hassle out of your component procurement and stock control with our full Bill of Materials management service. Outsourcing your procurement activity benefits you both commercially and operationally

Key Operational Benefits

  • Reduced BOM cost
  • Reduced lead times, materials held in supply chain ready for your call-off
  • Reduced purchasing, stores and accounting administration costs
  • Reduced Inventory levels
  • Clearer cash flow, materials only invoiced when boards delivered

Key Operational Benefits

  • Ongoing BOM review – cost reduction
  • Ongoing BOM review – obsolete parts
  • Machine ready supplied as standard
  • Full part traceability from non-conflict zones
  • No need to worry about order scheduling and chasing suppliers
  • Frees up Stores space

Materials Management by Kaizen Technology Ltd