Through Hole Assembly

The requirement for conventional through-hole assembly remains strong and represents a key service offering from Kaizen Technology.

We have extensive PTH assembly capabilities and are fully equipped to handle all types of PTH components and manufacturing requirements.

PTH only boards or mixed technology PCB’s with PTH and SMT on the same side, are processed via our high specification CMS-400 lead-free wave solder machine. The process is fully computer-controlled, all settings are 100% accurate and repeatable. Up to 99 soldering programs can be stored in the machine for instant recall. Therefore, setting up time is eliminated once the programs have been set up.

The wave solder process is fast, complete boards (of the right technology mix) can be soldered in a matter of seconds. We pay careful attention to the application of flux and pre-heat ensuring robust, high-quality solder joints.

There are some conditions in which wave solder cannot be used, and hand soldering is not effective. In these cases, the only choice left is using our selective solder system.

Complementing our PTH soldering options, we use a Cropmatic machine for ensuring component legs are trimmed to the correct length before being soldered.

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Through components on a PCB at Kaizen Technology