Surface Mount (SMT) Capability

Electronic manufacturing has become more complex, more diverse and more unpredictable.

Kaizen’s state-of-the-art surface mount facility ensures we are able to keep pace with our clients increasingly challenging demands, today and into the future.

Our fast surface mount assembly lines can accommodate:-

  • 01005 cases sized up to high-density fine pitch devices such as QFP, BGA, uBGA, QFN, CSP and large odd-form components
  • single sided, double sided and mixed technology boards
  • small prototype runs through to batch sizes 1000+
  • large board capability
Surface mount assembly at Kaizen Technology Ltd
SMT assembly at Kaizen Technology Ltd

We run a robust ISO 9000-2015 quality system ensuring excellent version control and clear build instructions are always deployed on the factory floor.

Electronic component kits are prepared and checked well in advance of machine load. Feeder and surface mount machine programs are checked and third party verified before the job is run

Surface Mount Lines

Our MY100DX-14 pick and place machines incorporate dual X-drive systems that combine high speed with high precision, advanced vision systems and state-of-the-art linear drive motor technology.

Operating as a standalone machine it has a top speed of 34,000 + components per hour and, with 18 nozzles in total, capable of efficiently and reliably mounting a vast mix of component types.

Mydata MX100SX at Kaizen Technology

To ensure agile surface mount changeovers, we’ve invested heavily in the latest machine feeder systems.

We can react quickly to last-minute iteration changes especially during the NPI process.

Complementing our two Mycronic Pick and Place machines, our surface mount line includes:-

  • DEK stencil printers
  • BTU 14 zone reflow ovens
  • Mirtec Automatic Optical Inspection machines

Many of our clients prefer that we test their fully assembled boards, click below to find out more.

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Plated Through Hole (PTH) Capability

The requirement for conventional through-hole assembly remains strong and represents a key service offering from Kaizen.

We have extensive PTH assembly capabilities and are fully equipped to handle all types of PTH components and manufacturing requirements.

PTH only boards or mixed technology PCB’s with PTH and SMT on the same side, are processed via our high specification wave solder machine.

The wave solder process is fast, complete boards (of the right technology mix) can be soldered in a matter of seconds. We pay careful attention to the application of flux and pre-heat ensuring robust high-quality solder joints.

For more complex PTH assembly tasks, such as PCB’s with double-sided surface mount and through-hole components, we utilise our high specification selective solder machine.

Through the creation of bespoke programs for each board, selective soldering allows us to accurately flux and solder each PTH joint individually, thereby ensuring components large and small, no matter where they are located on the board, are soldered correctly. 

Selective Solder

Our selective solder machine is particularly suited to large PCB’s. During the soldering process, it constantly measures and automatically corrects for, small amounts of board warpage which naturally occurs during the pre-heat and solder cycle. Thus ensuring no matter how large the PCB is, each joint is perfectly soldered.

The selective solder machine offers superb repeatability and solders under an inert nitrogen atmosphere giving improved wetting, minimum defects and superb high-quality solder joints

Wave Solder

Running alongside our selective solder option is a CMS-400 lead-free wave solder machine. Computer-controlled, all settings are 100% accurate and repeatable. Up to 99 soldering programs can be stored in the machine for instant recall. Setting up time is therefore eliminated once the programs have been set up.

Complementing our PTH soldering options, we use a Cropmatic for ensuring component legs are trimmed to the correct length before being soldered.

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