Selective Solder Technology

Kaizen uses a high specification selective solder machine for more complex PTH assembly tasks, such as PCB’s with double-sided surface mount population and through-hole components.

The Selective soldering process uses a custom program for each PCB. This allows us to accurately flux and solder individual PTH joints, thus ensuring that all joints are soldered reliably and consistently, whatever the component’s size and board location.

Selective solder technology is particularly suited for PTH joints on larger PCB’s. It constantly measures and makes allowance for small amounts of board warpage which can occur during the pre-heat and solder cycle.

Typical applications of selective soldering:

  • Where the height of some components can block the flow of the solder wave.
  • When conventional components are placed close to SMT components, there may be insufficient room to use protective masks around the SMT parts to allow wave soldering.
  • Thicker PCB’s, or boards used for power applications and ground planes, can be challenging to hand solder as it is difficult to get enough heat into the joints to let the solder flow correctly.  
  • Boards with large multi-pin connectors can be difficult to hand solder as the soldering iron cannot get adequate access to each pin.

The selective solder machine offers superb repeatability and solders under an inert nitrogen atmosphere giving improved wetting, minimum defects and consistent, high-quality solder joints.

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Selective solder machine at Kaizen Technology