Box Build

Kaizen provides sub-system and complete system assembly and test services to many of our clients.

Kaizen offers the full range of box build services. From simple tasks such as integrating an assembled PCB into a pre-drilled case with wire looms, through to more complex projects involving multiple PCB’s, displays, multiple outputs (audio, video, voltage and current levels, RF), full product test and calibration.

Choose to free issue some of the parts, or let Kaizen buy and schedule all the materials on your behalf

Kaizen’s box build service includes:-

  • procurement and scheduling of all materials
  • PCB assembly
  • product assembly including wiring and chassis assembly
  • software \ firmware download
  • product test and configuration
  • iteration control and recording
  • batch call off
  • after market services

Benefits of Box Build

Subcontracting box build of your product range can be more cost-effective than building in house and allows your business to focus on its in-house core capabilities.

Significant other benefits include vendor reduction, scaling down of your administrative burden and better control over stock levels. Moreover, change your stock profile from one containing numerous piece parts to instead one that holds tested and packed finished goods, primed to meet client demand. 

We work in partnership with you to schedule regular batch deliveries of completed products, with agreed on the shelf stock holding levels at Kaizen ready to call off should your sales demand.

Even better, only take delivery of part of fully tested products.

As part of our rigorous quality system: –

  • our engineering team works closely with you to develop detailed and secure work instructions to ensure we build a quality product every single time
  • our process will keep track via serial numbers of iteration updates and ensure full traceability on all materials
  • we will provide clarity on pricing, breaking down costs into relevant areas and advise on potential savings
  • on your behalf, we will be on continuous guard for potential obsolescence and supply issues

If you have any projects that we may be able to help you with please don’t hesitate to contact us

Product Test

Kaizen can help you meet the challenges of product testing through our comprehensive capabilities, tailored specifically to your products’ unique requirements.

From simple PSU checks through to finished goods test, Kaizen has the knowledge and experience to deliver only working product to you or your client.

  • Firmware programming
  • Product serialisation
  • XJTAG tests
  • Bed of nails test using bespoke jigs
  • Automated testing
  • Product burn in soak test
  • Full product functional I/O test
  • Fault finding to component level

Any defects found by our engineers during the testing process are captured in a database for reporting and trend analysis. We can customize a reporting format for your program.